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The vision of the Sons of Issachar Fellowship is to bring together like minded individuals that have a desire to do excellent ministry no matter what level the Lord may have them on. Along with combing all the apostolic gifting’s together to form a focused and accurately moving fellowship of Men and Women dedicated to the Lord and his people. That birth’s a synergy that every church in fellowship can feed off and remain vibrant in the pursuit of their individual vision.

Our mission is to build an innovative, ethnically, culturally, and racially diverse organization through which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed. We strive to promote the growth of local churches and create resourcefulness amongst one another that will cause us to be effective in the territories for which we are assigned. Community, theological and financial is the focal areas to which this covenant will primarily strategize toward for true ministry effectiveness. Most importantly we seek to develop an “oneness” in the body of Christ based on biblical-sound teaching, relationship and the principles God.

We are 21st Century infectious apostolic group of individuals that are bypassing all divides to create a Kingdom Minded community unhindered by the politics, egos and personal agendas. We understand that it takes a nation to take a nation so we embrace that we can’t survive as Island people and do find solace and sobriety in our unity.

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