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Sabina Gooden is a powerful Spirit-led woman of God, full of boldness, and strength. She is a native of Jacksonville, Florida where she works diligently alongside her husband, Apostle Fred D. Gooden helping in assisting to fulfill the destiny that God has set for them. Her passion is in the building and workings of everyday ministry whether it is administrative or one on one counseling, she loves what the Lord has commissioned her to do. She minister to the needs of Gods people. Her life is a proven testimony of the power of God with faith, hope and endurance are combined.

Lady Gooden is a spiritual nurturer to flock of Men and Women that the Lord has called her too she also ministers in the lives of other First Ladies called to the tedious journey of the second sit. She has become accomplished in empowering women in areas of need and has become a mother to many Ladies. She flows in the revelation knowledge of the word of God that came from years of being her grandfather’s eyes, helping him by reading and writing sermons that he would develop for his flock. Her grandfather and grandmother Bishop and Hattie Newbill stored a rich legacy in the life of Prophetess Gooden of which the half hasn’t been told, with a succession that she is instilling and passing on to her sons and daughters.

The Lord uses this woman of God powerfully in prophetic worship and her gifting as a psalmist is being recognized more and more as an atmosphere changing powerful anointing. Mainly she is a loving woman that loves people.