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You have just discovered one of the most dynamic End Time Apostolic ministries in Jacksonville Florida. We are a ministry that is built upon Ephesians 4:11-13 and we believe in the fullness of the Lord working in each individual; at the same time Divine Influence International Ministries is a family church and a haven for young people. The one thing we do  pride ourselves on is the love and liberty that you feel when you walk into the atmospheres this house, St. John 16:13 says when the Spirit of truth comes in he’ll guide you into all truth and were so glad you landed here. We are a Word church and we are a Prophetic church, that believes that signs and wonders will follow them that believe. If you’re not in Jacksonville I admonish you to visit our book store and download some of the most powerful, practical and revelatory messages tailored for such a time as this. Pastors, if you’ve been praying about joining a Fellowship visit our Sons of Issachar Covenant Fellowship page.

“Come and visit, we may be a stop on your path to Destiny”

 Fred & Lady Sabina Gooden

Fred D. Gooden III

Fred D. Gooden III is the Senior Pastor of the Divine Influence International Worship Ministry; One of the fastest growing inner-city ministries in the beautiful city of Jacksonville, FL. As a Pastor he readily equips his sons and daughters for ministry as the Apostle Paul did in the early church. He specializes in training and equipping the saints to be vessels of honor in the body of Christ for the “End Time Harvest”. He is an Apostolic Pastor, operating in the gifts of the spirit, characteristics and prophetic voice of God; working miracles, ministering and activating or imparting the seer seed, as people are being filled with the Spirit of God.

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Lady Sabina Gooden

Sabina Gooden is a powerful Spirit-led woman of God, full of boldness, and strength. She is a native of Jacksonville, Florida where she works diligently alongside her husband, Apostle Fred D. Gooden helping in assisting to fulfill the destiny that God has set for them. Her passion is in the building and workings of everyday ministry whether it is administrative or one on one counseling, she loves what the Lord has commissioned her to do. She minister to the needs of Gods people.  Her life is a proven testimony of the power of God with faith, hope and endurance are combined.

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